Westlake Governance sets the course for organisations to understand what good governance is and how to achieve it. Our extensive practical experience on boards means we can develop workable solutions for organisations of all types, in all sectors.

We work with boards, board chairs, and chief executives (CEOs) to achieve sound corporate governance. This ranges from advice on best practice governance, reviews of governance effectiveness and structures, training for directors and mentoring new chairs, through to the establishment of new boards.


compass Our independent consultants are all nationally or globally-acknowledged leaders in their field, with extensive practical experience. They understand the complexities of organisations and the issues that board members and CEOs face. Read more


binocs At Westlake Governance we have many years of combined practical experience at the highest level on boards and in senior management. Each consultant adds expertise in their own particular field to help you chart your way. Read more

What our clients say

development Westlake Governance is a globally-focused, New Zealand-based consulting business. Our clients come from a wide cross-section of the commercial, not-for-profit, quasi-government, and government sectors. Read more

What we've done

Smart Selldown of Kiwibank

As one of the three original independent directors of Kiwibank, I recall some boardroom discussions in its fledgling days. Back then, about 2002-2004, NZ Post was the national postal service and it also offered some personal banking services. Some of us cheekily suggested that one day it might grow into a bank that also sold a few postage stamps. (Read more)

New Zealand’s key industry sectors

Governance reviews and director development programmes for significant organisations in New Zealand’s key industry sectors, including dairy, meat and public health. Among these are the Shareholders’ Council of Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, New Zealand’s largest company and the world’s largest international trader in dairy products.

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA)

A review of the governance of the Australian country code Internet domain ‘.au’ on behalf of .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA).

New Zealand’s Natural Hazards Research Platform

A review of the governance and organisation of New Zealand’s Natural Hazards Research Platform, for the Ministry of Science and Innovation, with particular reference to the impact of the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010-2011.

Chairing the Board blog

Richard Westlake's blog is chairingtheboard.com, he informally calls it ‘CHAFTROU – chairing, for the rest of us.’ We hope it’ll become a useful reference tool for chairs and experienced board members of all those thousands of organisations, of all sizes, for which we share the privilege and challenge of providing governance leadership, control and oversight. Richard says "I don't expect everyone to agree with everything I say, but if I’ve started you thinking, then I think I’ve done my job". Read the blog here

Richard's book on Governance

Focus11Richard Westlake has written a timely book on what makes good governance, published by the World Bank's Global Corporate Governance Forum. While Guidance for the Directors of Banks is directly relevant to the banking environment, its principles and guidance have much wider application. You can download a free PDF version of here.